Our goal is simple. We aim to create a University atmosphere where all students feel heard, seen, and included.


Who We Are


Camron Goodman. President.

Meet Cam! He is ridiculously goofy, but we love him anyway. Camron is a fourth-year Business student from Dallas, TX. When he transferred to UT his junior year, he felt lost among the 50,000 Longhorns at this institution. Realizing he wasn’t alone in the feeling, Cam joined the Transfer Student Agency. And after becoming the director,  he worked with Student Government to create a position to represent all transfer students — the Transfer Student Representative.

Cam is devoted to paying forward the good graces he has seen in life. His friends and peers can’t help but believe in him, as he approaches every task from a place of genuine care and enthusiasm. Camron Goodman is a good man (…that’s an example of a Cam-level joke). His ultimate goal is to create a non-profit that provides mentorship to low-income youth. His own struggles allowed him to develop a sense of compassion committed to empowering the voices of all he comes across. While his jokes are a hit or miss, his heart is batting 100...

Now that you know his story, he’s encouraging you to do the same because what makes UT great is you. So, here’s the pencil, what will you write?


Amie Caroline Jean. Vice President.

Meet Amie! A courageous woman in the McCombs School of Business from Houston, Texas. Amie is the 12th of 13 children in her family, and after choosing UT she couldn’t help but quip to herself, “great…another group of people that will talk over me.” Still she understood that her voice mattered, even on a campus with over 50,000 other students. She allowed her newly found voice at UT be her guide wherever and whenever she entered a room. Amie got involved as soon as she arrived on campus. Not only was she a community leader in her First-year Interest Group (FIG) in McCombs, but all across campus as a tour guide and frequenting org meetings that interested her. 

From philanthropy work to running for the business school representative, to studying in South Africa and even participating in a pageant, Amie has always sought to actively engage her community. But that wasn’t always easy after she gradually began to feel her health decline on several critical facets. During the spring semester of her sophomore year, Amie spent three weeks in the hospital after being diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Although she considered a temporary medical leave, she instead felt that UT had the resources and community to help her adjust to her new lifestyle. “I have MS, MS does not have me,” Amie reminds herself often, especially on tougher days. 

Amie discovered a strength that she strives to share in uplifting her respective communities and those around her. She crafted for herself a UT by Amie and wants you to do the same with this campaign!

A UT led by you.

The purpose of UT led by You is to stimulate an environment by which campus resources are encouraging each student to be who they are, speak up for the change they want to see, and write their own chapter in UT history.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple. We aim to create a University atmosphere where all students feel heard, seen, and included. Through the addition of care counselors in all 13 undergraduate colleges, a new non-traditional student center, improving campus safety and many other goals for the 2019-2020 school year we believe that UT can and should be lead not by us, but by you…


What will you write?

Would you like to contribute a future platform point? Do you have questions or concerns about the campaign that you would like us to address? Please contact us! We are committed to addressing all issues or questions, and want to hear from you. This is your campus. This is your UT. Tell us what a UT led by you means.

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